Rev. James Gibson: Pointing Youth in the Right Direction

Rev. James Gibson: Pointing Youth in the Right Direction February 19, 2019

The point of that internship program is to place them, to point them in the right direction, to give assistance to the local church.  And so we find our local churches already benefiting from groups that are growing, from extra help.  I mean, what church doesn’t need a little bit of extra help? – Rev. James Gibson, Michigan District Youth Director, PCG

This is the second part of a podcast with Rev. James Gibson, our Michigan District Youth Director for the PCG.  In this portion of the conversation, we explore the youth internship program from a couple angles.  Michigan, along with a few other districts, has been a leader in developing an internship program.

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Rev. Jared V. Ingle

pointing youth in the right direction

One of the hardest things I experienced when I was 18, after I felt like I had heard the voice of the Lord to do ministry, was actually the struggle with where do I get plugged in.

The internship program is a bridge to help teens cross over from being in the youth group, to being active young adults participating in the local church.

Not all of us will stand behind the pulpit.  Some will and some won’t, but we can definitely find that out in our time together.

The internship program is a vehicle for building leaders and for discerning the call of God, or a life direction.

If I would have had something like that when I was 18 to push me, I would have done a lot less fighting with the Lord.

We also discuss the theme for the youth ministry this year, which is Near . . . draw near to God.  It means close, getting as close to God as you can, and being near to God every day.  James looks forward to seeing what this year will be like, as more and more youth latch onto the theme.

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