Rev. James Gibson: Youth Group Entertainment Business

Rev. James Gibson: Youth Group Entertainment Business February 12, 2019

Working with youth pastors a lot – How do we keep these students engaged and involved, without feeling the pressure like we’ve got to keep this entertainment business up for them? – Rev. James Gibson, Michigan District Youth Director, PCG

I recently had the honor of sitting down and enjoying a few minutes of conversation with Rev. James Gibson at a youth event.  James has served extensively in youth ministry at various levels.  He has also ministered as a lead pastor.  He is currently one of our Michigan Executives, serving as the District Youth Director for Impact PCG Student Ministries.  You can also find him on the Impact MI Facebook page.

This is the first of a two-part interview, so look for the rest of the conversation next week!

Hoping you enjoy our weekly podcast,

Rev. Jared V. Ingle

youth group entertainment business

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