Prayer Series, Vernell Ingle: Blessing on this House

Prayer Series, Vernell Ingle: Blessing on this House May 28, 2019

For quite some time, I’ve been wanting to do a series on prayers.  These would specifically be vlogs that are from prayers within a congregational setting.  I believe that like prophecy, prayer speaks to the now, to individuals and congregations.  However, it also speaks to the not yet.  It speaks to those times in the future when our prayers might be actualized in new ways.  This prayer is from a sermon by Rev. Vernell Ingle.*

Blessing on this House

I’m excited about what lies ahead for this church and this community, and what’s going to be accomplished for the Kingdom of God here in Northern Michigan.  Revival started with just 120 in Acts 2.  God doesn’t need a lot of people, but like a ripple effect if a group will commit to truth and build on a solid foundation, it will ripple out.  May it start right here.

Heavenly Father, we thank You right now for Your holy truth, Your Word.  Lord, as James says, may we receive with meekness the engrafted Word of God, which is able to save our souls [James 1.21].

Lord, we are in constant need of change and transformation.  Father, make us into the image of Your dear Son, Jesus Christ.  The world needs to see Jesus.  May I let Him out in my life, so Your Kingdom may advance.

As a result Lord, Your blessing is on this house.  We thank You for it because You’ve given us all the material we need, and it’s solid material, to build this house.

And I ask this Lord, in Your name.

* As previously published: Rev. Vernell Ingle, “Pastoral Installation Service for Rev. Jared Ingle,” MT. ZION Family Worship Center, Traverse City, MI.

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