Prayer Series: Continue to Transform Us

Prayer Series: Continue to Transform Us June 4, 2019

Continue to form in us the image of Christ.
Continue to transform us.
Continue to lower our pride.
Continue to form in us a heart of service for Your Kingdom.

I’ve started a prayer series on prayers during corporate worship services.[1]  This one stems from a sermon on the incarnation.[2]  It’s a simple prayer of transformation.

Continue to Transform Us

A great truth with the incarnation is that we are to participate in the incarnation . . . in a way.  We’re not fully God of course, but we are to model the life of Christ for those around us.

We are to step into our world with this in mind.  As one song said from the ’80’s, “You’re the only Jesus some will ever see.”[3]

We can all stand around all day long, look at each other in the face, and say “Sure, I’m transforming into His image.”  But here’s the greater question.  I think we should all ask ourselves this:

Do others around me see the image of God in me?

Do those in my family see the image of God in me?  Am I allowing God to live through me in my home?  Am I allowing Him to live through me at work or school?  Do they see something different in me?

If not, maybe I need to pray about it a little bit.  God became incarnate, died, and arose so that I could live for Him.  He lives in me so that I can represent Him to those around me.  Just as He humbled Himself and came into my world, I need to humble myself and allow Him to live through me to my world.

The acid test is whether or not others are seeing Him in us.  And even more so than me, do they see Him when they come in our church doors?  Do they see the image of Christ in His Bride?

There is a mysterious beauty in the Incarnation.  That same beauty is to be seen in us as individuals, and in us together as the Body of Christ.


Dear Heavenly Father, we stand before You today with the joy of Christmas.  We’re so thankful for all You’re doing here in this place.  We’re thankful for what we’ve shared with the children and music, worshipping You, enjoying Your Presence.

God, today I ask that our hearts would be clear.  Holy Spirit minister to us on a personal level as only You can.

Continue to form in us the image of Christ.
Continue to transform us.
Continue to lower our pride.
Continue to form in us a heart of service for Your Kingdom.

Beyond ourselves, may it affect our families, our homes, our work atmosphere, our schools.  May it affect our world.  And God, let it affect this church, that we may stand before You as a glorious Bride, attractive to You, but also attractive to those who would come in these doors.

I pray a blessing on each and every heart.  Lord, I pray that you would guide them in every conversation this Christmas.  Grant them peace and joy in their homes.  May they find time to turn eyes and hearts toward You in the coming days.

In Jesus’ precious name we pray.  Amen


[1] The Prayer Series.  I’ve been wanting to do a series on prayers.  These are specific vlogs from prayers within a congregational setting.  Like prophecy, prayer speaks to the now, to individuals and congregations.  However, it also speaks to the not yet.  It speaks to those times in the future when our prayers might be actualized in new ways.

Prayer Series, Vernell Ingle: Blessing on this House

[2] As previously published: Rev. Jared V. Ingle, “Let This Mind Be in You: The Incarnation,” MT. ZION Family Worship Center, Traverse City, MI. [3] Imperials, “You’re the Only Jesus,” recorded 1983, track 6 on Side by Side, DaySpring, LP.

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