Spiritual Warfare | “I developed the questions”

Spiritual Warfare | “I developed the questions” May 1, 2021

Spiritual Warfare | “I developed the questions and I already used it at college!,” he told me.

I was surprised at the depth of the questions, but the interviewer told me that he had completely developed the interview and could think of no one he would rather interview.


Teo’s Intro | This is my interview for a college writing assignment.  I’m interviewing Jared Ingle.  He is a Senior Pastor at Long Lake Friends Church in Traverse City, Michigan.*

He has a masters degree in Theology from Asbury Theological Seminary, as well as a double masters in marriage and family counseling from Evangel University.  Jared would you like to say hi.

JVI & Teo | you make the call | 04.04.21

JVI | Yes, I would.  It is an honor to be part of this assignment.

Teo | Perfect.  So we are going to get started with the first question here.

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About the method

This is not just spiritual oatmeal.

This is what the Bible teaches.

There are questions asked of me, followed by my opinions and Biblical references.

At times I am called upon to integrate from the social sciences, perhaps from philosophy as well.

There are a couple reasons I’ve chosen SoundCloud

There are many artists on SoundCloud.  Take a look for yourself.

I’ve prayed the price to broadcast this podcast, but it may not be here long.  With the economical plan, there are only about 3 hours of content allowed, basically a few podcasts.  Plus, I do not really like my material staying on SoundCloud for very long.

Yes, I’ve really prayed the price to offer these answers and to disseminate the information in a couple different ways.

This particular SoundCloud podcast is here, but for how long?

YouTube related vlogs

With YouTube however, the channel serves as a little more of a history of the vlogs.

You can still find all public videos if you you search deep enough.

There are also plenty of videos you really can’t find unless you’re on a teacher-student track.

There are also playlists that change from time to time.

In Dialogue | a question about King David

In Dialogue | a question about some
of our top leaders in that region of the country

*note: The original podcast interview took place last autumn.

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One last sidenote, I don’t have TikTok

It’s just another thing, right?  But if Jesus had a TikTok, you’d better believe I’d be watching his videos on TikTok.

I believe he would always be relevant, funny, and always keeping you on your toes.  Not everything would be super-spiritual either.  I don’t think you can take Jesus too seriously at every hand.  Sometimes I think we see him operating with a sense of humor, maybe even sarcasm, in the Gospel.

Yeah, if my Jesus had a TikTok, I’d be watching for sure!  I might even start my own TikTok account just to keep up with him.

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