music, baseball, & Dante

music, baseball, & Dante September 7, 2021

What does music, baseball, and Dante all have in common? From time to time, I just share a little bit of my social media. I’m so used to writing, that I often just give it away on these platforms. These posts clearly qualify for an article this week. What do the themes of music, baseball, and Dante all have in common?

Well… me. Last week I shared jobs I was interested in… again jobs that had me in common. I applied for one and have a couple good leads on others this week. I would like to thank anyone who took the time to read that article and to pray for my family. To read the article CLICK HERE

This week, the article will be a little more lighthearted. Check out the Dante group!

Sounds a little Ben Rector… -ish? Good song

I’ve taken time to listen to more of his music, and would definitely concur with the headline that I posted on social networks. He has a strong voice and sings some great duets as well.

playoff race

The San Francisco Giants lost today, but the Colorado Rockies shut out the Los Angeles Dodgers, so there you go. Dodgers, you’re going to face some top notch teams next week, a lot harder to beat than the Rockies.

In general, it doesn’t matter how great you think your team is if you don’t have external measures, healthy competition, best practices, etc.

starving artist?

Does anyone know what happened to Warren Barfield? Was “Redbird” his last album? That came out while I lived in Ashland. Good times, difficult times, Christian perspective, all rolled into one album I could relate to.

I have heard from people in the industry that Christian fans are the most fickle. We’re always looking for the new, never satisfied with settling down and being loyal to one artist or band. Just ask yourself how many artists or bands have been around for twenty years. We hardly have anyone like that, but there are plenty we could name in secular music.

Teo’s playlists

Update: I’m about to jog to one of my favorite playlists… curated by Teo. The 150 ppl youth group (Elevate Student Ministries) in Traverse City uses the Teo playlists at their events. Maybe Spring Arbor University should make him a DJ. They have a radio position even I would be interested in (perhaps in another time and age) but Teo could pull it off right now.

try running to this, dad. gosh! CLICK HERE

Don’t judge unless your ears are quick enough to pick up on a lot of the Christian lyrics. These guys seem faster than the rappers when Bret and I were teens.

With this health program I’m on, I’m jogging about 3-4 miles again, 2-4 times per week, usually depending on weather. I believe I’ve also lost over 30 lbs too since March.

I’m embarrassed talking about myself, but I’m feeling stronger, and I know there are a lot of ppl investing in this decision, so I thought I’d share the health update.

By the way, Elevate picked up on this post and commented within minutes. You can see it on Facebook.

Dante… a reading group, open to all

The following Facebook post is a lecture, but here is a brief commercial about the program itself (1 1/2 min).

100 Days of Dante

This reading group boasts some great scholars as tutors (like Brian Williams and Fred Sanders).

Sign up to be a part of this landmark… online… free… course on a classic piece of Christian literature. If you truly feel lost, Dante goes there and walks us out again.

David R Bundrick, one of my former bosses and leader in Student Development, is already signed up, receiving emails, and watching the videos.

The full website is now up and running as well.

playoff race heats up

In case you don’t know, the best 2 teams in Major League Baseball just played a 3 game series this weekend, might as well have been the World Series.

Some will probably make a case for Tampa Bay as well.

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