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coffee tip, perfume, & incense per se | the root of David March 27, 2022

Opinion: One of the best blogs I ever wrote was on Myspace before that mountain crashed into the sea; on Ps 46. I won’t re-hash it now per se, mainly a Labyrinth leading to stillness. This will also include some integrative thoughts from Solomon, the two authors of these chapters.

The heartfelt counsel of a friend
Is as sweet as perfume and incense
Prov 27.9, NLT

coffee tip

Speaking of sweet perfume and incense, there is the possibility that the whole world…

of coffee connoisseurs need to hear a coffee tip, just for a diversion.

  1. Use a Keurig or Verismo, an older one if necessary. I know, the Body of the coffee may not be as full as a Pour Over or a French Press; a matter of individual preference.
  2. Yesterday, it was about mimicking a Ristretto shot, a long poured, sweet shot found in specific types of coffee drinks. Some think it’s a short shot and don’t like it. However, it has extra coffee in it, so is it really a short shot, or a shot pulled with extra coffee? It’s the latter. Furthermore, I contend the Ristretto is sweeter.

Now you can just tell when this is going to be a decent song, to play in the cafe.

The Belonging Co
Incense (feat. Sarah Reeves)

  1. Yesterday with the coffee machine, I warmed up half a thermos of water. I added my coffee to the machine and dropped the longest, fullest cup setting on top. Therefore, I had a long shot per se with the most amount of coffee, mimicking a Ristretto, ampersænd it has a sweet aroma et cetera.
  2. If this equipment is unavailable, drop into the cafe, and ask for an Americano with Ristretto shots.
  3. The coffee lore is that when American soldiers first started spending time in the cafes of Italy, the coffee was too strong. The Americano started in that era. Of course, when you’re in the coffee shop, you’ll have to drink out of the cafe mugs.

intentional discussions with friends gains traction

As stated above, one of the best blogs I ever wrote was on Myspace before that mountain crashed into the sea; on Ps 46. I won’t re-hash it now per se,

mainly a Labyrinth leading to stillness,
as I was coached into walking later at ATS,
I wish I could walk that ATS Labyrinth now,
ampersænd there is one in LA Michigan, around the region, &c.

If you’re going to track with me, I can share the names of a couple pastors in LA, but I don’t have a new Myspace account with less features.

family and friends doing life together is like a pleasing aroma

In the Leviticus reading, the fields are given Sabbath. Another term could be reprieve; although I’m not sure that is a good word according to its etymology. It certainly does not carry with it the same sacred space and time the Father creates and offers for all of us within His Sabbath, and for the land and livestock of Israel.

However, when I was younger working the ranches with my family; in the stillness after work; some of the best conversations would take place. In one of the fields above a pond; I was told that you’re going to have to make this land work, yours and my land. One of the things I have done is to work with the actual government to give one of my fields a rest every year. They’re on a circuit of every seven years, and there are other fields and ponds. There were well over 1,600 acres in familial land holdings.

I seldom experienced allergens there, but rather delightful smells and freshly caught or shot or harvested or made foods. We were under the umbrella per se of hunter safety teachers; ranchers; caballeros; tradesmen; cooks; florists; true Machiavellian men and women et cet.

Are your eyes open to how many are in my extended family on either side, where they have traveled stateside and throughout the world, and the influencers they have become in countless circles? Blinded eyes can’t see the lights that are operating in their world; just a thought. All of that is beyond the scope of this writing.

There was no speeding allowed;
not 1 mile over the limit in the whole region;
not even for my dad who is notorious for driving 5 miles faster

I remember vividly when he was called out on one of the ranches by one of the female stakeholders who got up so close to him while he was standing in the kitchen that he had to smell the
sweet perfume per se;
incense, dinner, or baked goods;
He had to stop it as his mom would sometimes say to me sternly;
to experience stillness;
ampersænd slowing down, &c.

This all sounds delightful, a sweet smell or incense, Biblical and holistic implications, I get it, but do I still want a little more? Not really.

Then there was an enigma, somewhat of an unexplainable property. Like the Ristretto shot, it’s all in your perspective. It was only a 22 acre plot, yeah but it was on an actual forested mountain, far larger than those here in the east. The mountain was on a major range connecting at least 3 states. One could go on from everlasting to everlasting I suppose. However, when we were young, we only shot out about a mile from the property at most, you know; since it was a 22 acreage land holding that was ours.

I’m not meaning to offer merely an inspirational thought, but encounters from my experience that I find at the crux of my readings this week. Sermon, Theology, and even educational psychological counseling theory is turning back to narrative; has for some time. This is a new paradigm, so I try it out from now and then. My readership covers a few different nations and a few states; mostly a collegiate level readership. I’m confident you’ll follow through with your own questions.

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