I would say they’re about equal

I would say they’re about equal May 6, 2022

I hold to some favorite stories told about the wife of a respected regional leader. Of course they are documented and readily available in some centers of advanced learning. For the sake of brevity, I’m going to share two of them today with a brief video.

I’m pursuing plain English, especially since these narratives are based on true stories. However, any person or type of corporate body can interpret these brief remarks in any way desired. Names could be used. Personal pronouns could be cross-analyzed ad nauseam. Yet these offerings are not strictly lore, but are from well-respected histories in the not so distant past.

The first, to the best of my knowledge has to do with the wife in relation to those she immediately worked with. I believe we would be descending into smaller groups. When considering the efficacy of group dynamics, especially for groups of 5-8. Some group leaders establish groups of up to 15 people who are seen with regularity.

Considering this particular story and numbers, I would say they’re about equal

At times, perhaps like a school teacher, a mom cooking in the kitchen with her children, a regional leader, or even a mom in the utmost degrees of leadership in the land (as well as with any man under the immediate responsibilities of working with such groups) the wife is known to have needed some private time.

Whether it was under the auspices of a religious role, under the umbrella of a vocational responsibility, a working vacation, or some sort of immediate visible sign to those she worked with in the moment, they immediately knew she was praying.

She was respected well for her prayers by those she worked with then, her children, and is recorded in the sands of time as one who influenced a great global initiative to which we will turn to next.

Also, in light of the regional leader’s work, I would say they’re about equal.

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