school job options & grad school couples

school job options & grad school couples May 8, 2022

At one point in the early part of this century, a couple with one spouse (or both) in a graduate school was ranked at the top of every family stressor.

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Yesterday (Saturday, 05.07.22) it all started with an article from Harvard (9 min read) CLICK HERE

There really are jobs in religion in conjunction with other fields of work, not only on campus. I’m not much of a politician. Yet I really like the eventual outcome of working with the U.N. in this story.

After reading the article from Harvard, I decided to update some online job profile information. I turned in some applications and posted my activities on LinkedIn (see each subheading).

In advance, I would like to point out every one of these jobs are either fully remote or hybrid. I would prefer hybrid at least because I truly enjoy being around people, especially after ten years of being a pastor.

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  • | Has anybody heard of Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU)?
  • | There are plenty of resources, a career center, & free profiles for job seekers, as well as options for employers to list. This is a resource I continue to track with.

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  • at the Arbor
  • | This particular job listing is available on CCCU, as stated in my previous post, just up the road in Knoxville…
    I’ve driven to Knoxville many times.

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The job search can be gruesome, especially in the academic realm often requiring applications by February. You have to make some decisions about which school to attend and which school to apply for work at before academic deadlines and the hiring season.

Conversely, institutions are often slow in the hiring process

It is not uncommon for 150 applicants per every opening, as told to me by a divinity school.

There are typically 10 major family stressors at any time in America, stressors therapists and counselors pay attention to with individuals and their contexts or their family systems. At one point in the early part of this century, a couple with one spouse (or both) in a graduate school was ranked at the top of every family stressor.

Nonetheless, it’s entirely possible and it is a very passionate pursuit a couple or family can engage in. In the early lore of America, certain states like Texas, California, perhaps Michigan and the Oregon Trail give us glimpses of something similar…

passionate pursuit of excellence and opportunity

Just as the emerging horizon drew Americans westward, I found myself discussing my unparalleled attraction for my wife with my mom within a 2-3 weeks of the time we first started dating. Yesterday was my wife’s birthday and today is Mother’s Day. I still pursue her, even if the dance seems more like hard core rap than smooth indie at times.

Doesn’t it for every couple?

It is similar with graduate work and career searches right now. People are emerging from the cave, re-entering the work force tentatively, although passionate about returning to the work force.

However, times have changed. I know a psychologist who is qualified to administer tests, and does for companies, counselors, consultants, and people all over the region.

As a highly trained expert, there are a few degrees and certifications on display around her office which might catch your eyes.

She consults with doctoral programs and she often oversees client services in the Children’s Hospital of Ohio

She employed a staff of at least 5 who were about equal, not counting admins. Now her highly trained team, best in the region, is working across the street at Burger King.

To reduce the stress of the pursuit of graduate education and the hunt for a suitable vocation…

Some couples stagger their graduate education

For instance, one earns a masters degree, then the other, then possibly one enters the academic realm, and then then the other, etc. There has to be clear communication for any such goals to be realized.

Let me be clear. There are various forms of learning, not only what we consider to be formal education in our age. In the last few years online education has made education available for the masses who would have no other way to obtain it. There are also many networks regarded as bastions of continuing education, quite outside the ranks of the formal school. Then there is the fact that some formal colleges are quite older and more prestigious than regional accrediting agencies, making accreditation nothing more than a rubber stamp.

One of the critiques of the theory Carl Rogers develops is he works primarily with collegians. I would consider his theory to be a forerunner of positive psychology.

Carl Rogers spends his career primarily with collegians

Collegians typically are younger, have their whole lives in front of them, and are setting a trajectory for their life with vigor. They are just entering the grand dance in a manner of speaking.

However, his theory has transcended time. Many components of his theory are at play in other treatment modalities, not only psychology.

No matter what stage or age, people often want to continue to become.

If not, according to classical psychological theory, individuals are either drawn to processes of becoming and growth, or to processes like stilling the waters (growth vs. homeostasis). Either way, there is room for all hands on the table in the realm of the academie.

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