A Few Thoughts for My Sons Jeff and Phillip on the Occasion of their Second Birthday

A Few Thoughts for My Sons Jeff and Phillip on the Occasion of their Second Birthday May 21, 2014

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You are young now.  You can only say a few words.  There will come a time when you will know more words and will be called upon to speak.  I want to write a few words to you before that time comes.


We are the inheritors of a tremendous faith tradition of love and justice based on the life and teachings of Jesus.  I have known no greater love than that which Jesus has spoken into my life.  No matter what you decide to call it, the love of Jesus will be the greatest ally you will have in this life.


I follow the example of Jesus in consistently seeking to place my body in that place that Jesus calls “the least of these.”  Jesus is constantly incarnated into such a space and will give you the courage to speak if you dare incarnate your self there.  I commit to you that we will give you all the tools you need to courageously stand on the side of love.  Jesus will always meet you there.


There will come a time were people will try to other or marginalize you for things that are beyond your control.  Never listen to them.  You are perfectly made in the image of a loving God and nothing will ever take that away from you.  Theories and philosophies will come and go but the image of God that is within you is eternal and if you cultivate it…you will be free.


Love your enemies.  There is no surer path to the heart of God than to love those who persecute you.  We are a family committed to peace and we pray daily that you will be too.  Jesus gave up her life rather than commit violence.  Place your body between those who seek to commit violence against others and their potential victims.  This is the call of Jesus.  God is there.


Pray often.  The cultivation of the soul lies in the courage to speak into it as a means of discovering the God who made you.  Never be afraid to call out to the one who loves you more than I will ever be able.


Theology is important.  Some theological musings for later…  God is love.  All constructions of a God that is not love are evil.  There is no hell.  Hell was created to scare you and there is no fear in love.  Everyone is going to heaven.  I would never send you to hell or annihilate you and this is how I know that God won’t either.  Jesus is God.  Jesus is the incarnation of love perfected.  The Spirit is still speaking.  Quiet your self and listen for her voice.  The chaos is what Jesus is always incarnated into and that is where you will find God.  Buddha and other manifestations of love have much to teach you about what it means to love and follow Jesus.  The greatest theologies are…love God, love your neighbor and love your enemy.  If you follow these and discover their power, you will leave the world better than you found it and the life you save will be your own.


I will love and stand with you along this journey as long as I have breath.



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