A Polyamorous Departure: The Long Road Home

A Polyamorous Departure: The Long Road Home October 1, 2018


In one month, I turn 35.  The older I get the stranger it is to grow old.  I have a dear friend that’s dying.  He says he’s not afraid. I don’t see how that’s possible.  I’m often afraid of living.  Then, moments find me that save me.


As the moss bounced up and down, I carried my cross.  The mountains drew me.  The rocks reminded me.  The chill awakened me.  The air gave me life.  Every bounce pronounced that this was God’s moment.  Before I knew it, I was there.  Even though there were only a few dozen or so people in attendance, the host of heaven was there.  Glorias echoing through the valley.  Fire flowed through our spirits.  We were alive!  There was no going back.  Who would want to?  We do.


Two men.  One woman.  Three kids.  Presented to a world that might not understand.  They don’t care.  They are enough.  They are love.


Photographs never accomplish everything…but they do accomplish something.  Holding the glossy paper, I look deeper and deeper. The paper transforms my soul. I didn’t know that faces on paper could be so revelatory.  I guess the scriptures started out that way…faces on paper. Timeless.  Before, I would’ve thought that a wedding picture with three people in it was strange.  Now, it’s normal.  I’ve been saved.


Bags packed. Car cranked.  Wheels rolling.  The road is long.  The road to get here was too.  I’m tired…but not defeated.  Pine trees seem to wave goodbye.  There is something in me that I’m leaving behind.  Innocence?  Guilt?  Timidity?  I know that it’s all of it and more.  The road before me promises more than the past.  More freedom. More grace.  More love.


“God is my teacher.  I shall not want. God led me to this moment. God has restored my soul.  I will not fear.  God is with me…”



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