Context as Salvation: Envisioning Darkness as Light

Context as Salvation: Envisioning Darkness as Light March 20, 2021



Context as Salvation: Envisioning Darkness as Light


The End Is Near.


“Fire in the Sky.”

“Glaciers Melt.”

“Oxygen Depleted.”

“Endless Drought.”


“Global Suffering.”

“Water Evaporates.”

“Coast Obliterated.”

“Fear Unleashed.”


The End Is Here.


Burning light descended.


The ozone was gone. Pollution and multiple nuclear catastrophes had destroyed it.  Fire was killing everything that was left.  Light was now deadly.  To see was to go blind.  To breathe was to suffocate.  To feel was to burn.  It seemed that the light could find millions of ways to guide us to an agonizing death.  The light was now our only enemy…survival our only mission.  We had to escape…


Darkness became survival.


We adapted to our reality.  We learned to live without the light.  We were forced to become a new people.  Everything changed…including our faith.  The old words had little contextual meaning.  We had to find different ones.  We needed words that spoke to us.  We began to interpret from our space.  We began to interpret for our liberation. We began to interpret…


Darkness became the word.


God is my darkness and my salvation…whom shall I fear?

I am the darkness of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness…

God has made darkness to shine upon our hearts.

You are the darkness of the world!

Behold, I will turn light into darkness.

The darkness pushes back against the light…and the light did not overcome it.

Let there be darkness!

For you were once in light, but now you are in the darkness of God.

God is darkness…in God there is no light at all.

The people who have escaped from light have seen a great darkness…


Darkness became divine.


I resisted the light.  I prayed to the darkness.  I repented of the light.  I turned to darkness forever.  Praise God!  I will never turn back to the light.



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