The Woman Clothed in Darkness / A Vision

The Woman Clothed in Darkness / A Vision March 21, 2021


March 22, 2021



The Woman Clothed in Darkness


Sleep eluded me. I’d sat for hours…ever closer to the coldness of the window…looking out into the density of the mountains. Stars were everywhere.  I guess they helped my search…although I didn’t really know what I was looking for…a search for the unsearchable perhaps.  Just when I thought that all hope was lost…I saw a woman clothed in darkness…slowly she crept down from the mountain.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.  The luminosity swayed incessantly in the night breeze.  Eventually…she stood directly outside of my window. Though I could see divinity within her…I was afraid to move.  Without assumption…but with certainty…she reached out her hand…and declared, “Be not afraid…”


I never stood up…I never opened the window….I never walked outside.  I only did one thing… I thought my assent…and there I was…with her.  It felt like I’d always been there…in the darkness with her.  I didn’t know where we were going.  I didn’t care.  I trusted her more with every step.  I don’t know that I touched the ground.  Divinity was holding me up I guess.  I could see that the soil was growing darker…I knew that we were getting closer to the river.  I could hear it.  For a second, I considered turning back…and then she looked at me and declared, “Be not afraid…”


Water began to flow over me.  Everything was rising. The deeper we went…the more things changed…or transformed.  I felt different.  I heard different.  I smelled different.  I thought different.  I saw different.  Then, I was completely immersed.  I clung tightly to the woman.  Slowly…we became one.  There was no recognizable difference between us.  It was as if we had always been that way.  Time stopped.  No explanation was needed.  I wanted to stay there forever.  When we started to move…I resisted…and she declared, “Be not afraid…”


We shot out of the water like a rocket.  From deep within our person, the woman cried out, “This is my beloved…”  There were no more questions.  I knew everything that I ever needed to know.  We were one.  I knew that she would be with me always…even until the end of days.


We walked back up the mountain.  Step by step we grew deeper into each other.  There was no difference between us.  Eventually…sleep found us.  We stayed there forever…in the fullness of creation…and death was no more.



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