Evolution to Revolution 

Evolution to Revolution  November 28, 2019


Sandeep Swarnkar / Unsplash


November 27, 2019


Evolution to Revolution 


I’ve been engaging things I did not know that I would find.  Such is the nature of the random to the prescribed.  There were the sounds.  There were the sights.  There were the…  Such is the nature of the random as opposed to the prescribed.  I never wanted to walk the path that was laid before me.  I wanted something different.  I wanted something real.  Surprises birth faith and faith a future.  Occasionally, I stop to remember that I exist.  It’s easy to forget.  It’s even harder to consider.  Perhaps, that is where the evolution begins.  Thought.

The light is there in the distance.  I thought it would be easy to find.  It wasn’t.  Eyes often deceive.  I was there.  Then I wasn’t.  Then I really wasn’t.  Existence started to disappear.  I chased it with all that I had.  I thought I was running toward the light.  I thought wrong.  I was running toward a trap.  I never got caught.  I just got tired of running.  I think that’s what eventually saved me.  I stopped and looked around.  The lemmings kept going.  They kept running.  They kept shouting.  They kept beating.  They kept…  The Gods of evil know how to use the light.  I guess that’s their only tool.  I watched them run off of cliff after cliff.  There was no one there to save them.  In the distance, I stood alone.  Solitude.

Confusion set in.  I didn’t know where to go.  I didn’t know how to be.  I knew…but…I didn’t really know.  The light was somewhere.  I just couldn’t see it…but…I think I felt it.  The fire grew closer.  I felt it…but…I knew that I had to.  The burn crept closer.  In the final seconds, I grabbed the light.  There was an explosion.  Love was all that I knew.  The flames of truth shot out of my spirit.  I was made whole.  I was blind.  I never looked back.  I never thought that the revolution would take me this far.  Then again…perhaps this was where I’d evolved for in the first place.  Destination.


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