The Execution of God: Excerpts: Condemnation and Hell

The Execution of God: Excerpts: Condemnation and Hell September 19, 2017

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“There will be silence!” “Sit down! Sit down!” “The charge is murder!” Death is natural. Murder is not. Do you recall the execution of God? You were there. So was I. We witnessed it all.

We watched God being led into court. We heard the incriminating testimony. We listened to the damning details about God’s past.

We cringed at the description of the crime. We wanted the demise quicker than the law would allow. The guilty verdict moved us.

The sentence sent us into a pandemonium of elation. “Death!”

In time, we forgot about it. Later, we rediscovered the joy of murder in the days leading up to the execution. We told everyone that death was too lenient. We watched as God was led into the chamber and strapped down. We saw the needle draw blood. We were thirsty for more. We listened to God’s surprising words of forgiveness. We watched the poison flow. We waited to feel better.

We didn’t. We felt empty. The execution of God only made us worse. God was dead. Who would save us now?


God died

It wasn’t no suicide

Look, isn’t it plain to see

It could’ve been you or me






“Do you actually believe that God commands us to kill people?” I asked.

“Not only do I believe it, I want our nation to practice it,” he responded.

I continued: “So, you’re saying that you believe that the death penalty is a tool of God? What does that have to do with a God of love?”

“Love sometimes means that you have to kill.”

I tried again. “Does God have to kill?”

“God is punishing our sin. In many ways, God is just following our lead on killing.”

“I don’t buy it. None of it makes sense to me. God is love.

That’s what I believe in.”

“You are going to end up loving you some hell.”

I’ve had this conversation a million times. People defend the death penalty by using stories of genocide and other atrocities to turn God into a monster. Let’s turn our eyes to God.


Let the heads roll

Wipe them off the scrolls

God won’t stop

Until the bodies drop

Don’t stand in God’s way

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