Faces tell stories…and stories tell faces.: Save Anthony Sanchez! An Innocent Man on Oklahoma’s Death Row

Faces tell stories…and stories tell faces.: Save Anthony Sanchez! An Innocent Man on Oklahoma’s Death Row October 29, 2022


Faces tell stories…and stories tell faces.  Such is the juxtaposition from which I write.  Sketch artists construct faces to reconstruct events…with the hope that the reconstruction of events will lead to capturing the faces that have perpetrated a crime.  Unfortunately, sometimes stories are constructed based on the faces that are drawn…with the idea that the person suspected of a crime can be made to fit the face.  Such is the case with Anthony Sanchez.


You see, just over a month after the murder of Juli Busken (near Norman, Oklahoma in 1996), police received a phone call from a man that recognized the car that she was last seen in.  Near the lake where her body was found, the man said that he was cut off by the driver of the car and thus followed him for about five miles.  During his pursuit, he got a good look at the driver.  So, the police partnered the man with a forensic sketch artist by the name of Harvey Pratt to construct a face…the face of the murderer.  It’s interesting how police put so much faith into these sketches…except when it doesn’t fit their narrative of what happened…then they force the face to tell a story that it does not tell.


According to multiple alibi witnesses, Anthony Sanchez was nowhere near Norman on the night that Juli Busken was killed (he was actually multiple towns away).  Yet, prosecutors suppressed such evidence and used sketchy DNA evidence (that was handled by a scientist named Joyce Gilchrist known for false statements and conclusions to secure convictions) to create a narrative that Sanchez was guilty (8 years after the crime).  However, one of the pieces of evidence that they couldn’t manipulate was the original police sketch of the eyewitness.  When compared with a picture of Sanchez contemporary to 1996, the two sketches don’t look anything alike.  Don’t believe me, take a look.


The nose structure doesn’t match.

The cheek structure doesn’t match.

The chin structure doesn’t match.

The lips don’t match.

The hair doesn’t match.

The neckline doesn’t match.

Even the ear lobes don’t match.


Faces tell stories…and stories tell faces.  In this circumstance, the face should tell the story of who killed Juli Busken.  I believe it does.  Therefore, the killer couldn’t be Anthony Sanchez.  The prosecutors tried to make the face fit their narrative.  It doesn’t.  There is an innocent man about to executed in Oklahoma.  Save Anthony Sanchez!

Sign the petition @ https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/stop-the-execution-of-anthony-sanchez-in-oklahoma/?fbclid=IwAR12AQ4H3atgKAEgAzBnCS5lTAG5Fu1AkVP2GAQJc3Fe9nB2OSefizmQO3Q

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