God Damn Your Pledge of Allegiance

God Damn Your Pledge of Allegiance August 16, 2019

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Every year…I go through this.  Every year…there is a need for numerous emails.  Every year…the questions seem to probe deeper.  Every year…I have to threaten legal action to get it to stop.  Every year…I fight for the religious liberty of our family.


Texas schools only seem to recognize the religious liberty of one group…those who have US flags hanging in the sanctuary of their churches…those who believe that the US military is a divine instrument of God…those who truly think that God blesses our actions…those who believe that civil religion is the only true religion…the Jesus patriots.  God don’t go for that bullshit.


I didn’t mean to sound so stern.  I actually like the principal…but our public schools only seem to know one language…force. I guess you have to give them what they give you.  I think Jesus would do the same.


Greetings.  Thank you so much for your continuous love for our children.  As a matter of conscience, we are writing to instruct you to put our children in the hallway during the national and state pledges and/or anthems.  This is a reasonable accommodation to protect the civil liberties of our children/family.  As followers of Jesus, we are dedicated to resisting the evils and injustices perpetuated by our government…and teaching our children to do the same.  Due to our collective inability to figure this matter out in the past, this is no longer a request.  We want this matter to be handled during the pledges/anthems on the first day of school.  We trust that you will do right by our family.



School started two days ago.  I want the school to know that we’re serious.  So, I decided to walk around the school to make sure that each of the kids were out in the hallway.  Thankfully, they were.  After some pushing, the school seems to be taking our faith seriously.


This morning, I saw a guy watching me as I ignored the national anthem and checked on our kids. When I was walking out, he approached me and asked, “Why don’t you respect our country?”  Taken aback, I replied, “Because I’m a follower of Jesus.” That set him off even more….”Don’t you believe that saying the pledge is a way of following God?”  Without hesitation, I replied, “God damn your pledge of allegiance.”  I wasn’t listening to any more of that bullshit.  He was still trying to talk as I jumped in our minivan and drove off.  It felt good to get the hell out of there.



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