Happy New Year! : White Folks Are Here to Save Us

Happy New Year! : White Folks Are Here to Save Us January 1, 2016



“All the white folks on my team!” The game was kickball. Before we could begin, we had to pick the teams. Will demanded that we divide by race. Even at the age of six, I knew this was wrong. Though Will was much bigger and stronger than me, I knew I had to tell the teacher. Immediately, Will was sent to the principal’s office. Being the first black teacher at our school, Ms. Ellington was well positioned to teach us a few words, “Division is the child of hate.” Though it took me a few years to figure out what these words meant, I continue to cling to them.


Over the last year, I’ve seen a surge in language concerning the need for white folks to organize. From the Ku Klux Klan, I’ve heard that white people must organize to save the white race. From white only activist organizations, I’ve heard that white people must organize to atone for our sins and save black people. From a wild assortment of people and groups, I’ve heard what white people need to. With all this talk about white people, one would think that white people are the solution to the all the problems in the universe. It’s as if we should all be shouting, “Happy New Year! : The White Folks Are Here to Save Us!” I don’t believe such bullshit for a second. So, why should white people organize as if such words are true? Our systems of oppression have a diversity of actors. If we are going to overthrow and deconstruct such systems, there will be a need for a diversity of actors.


Over the years, I’ve learned to run away from white only groups. In my soul, I’ve always known they’re evil. Why would I start joining such groups now? In the coming year, I commit to not joining any group that is white only…whether it is the Ku Klux Klan or one of these white only activist organizations. I don’t see any of it as beneficial or helpful. Instead of sticking with their own race, I hope that white folks out there will join with a diversity of actors to fight a diversity of evils. We don’t need all white groups. We already have more than enough to deconstruct and dismantle. Truthfully, I think our present white groups have already helped fuck everything up enough.


Hate is diverse and so too must we be if we’re going to see Justice.



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