Jesus & the Great Cloud of LGBT Witnesses

Jesus & the Great Cloud of LGBT Witnesses October 28, 2014

Mark Humphrey/AP


Ever since I arrived at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention’s conference “The Gospel, Homosexuality & the Future of Marriage,” I have sensed the invisible footsteps that walk with me.  The comforting whispers are constant.  For days I have wondered who or what I have heard and sensed.  When I started to give out tonight after a nasty and hurtful conversation with a much older participant in the conference, I sensed and heard it again.  In a moment, I knew who the voice was and realized that he wasn’t alone.


“Don’t stop. Love is with you, ” came the sweet words of Jesus and the great cloud of LGBT witnesses.  Instantly, I remembered why I came to the conference in the first place.  I came to stand with Jesus.  I came to stand with LGBT people from across the ages that have been subjugated to marginalization, oppression and terror at the hands and mouths of the Southern Baptist Convention.  In that moment of glorious whispering, I was affirmed that Jesus and the LGBT saints stand with me.



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