Liberation in Polyamory: A Soul Unbound

Liberation in Polyamory: A Soul Unbound October 3, 2018




There is power in prayer.  Though I didn’t have a map, I knew which way to go.  God was always speaking to me.  Before I knew it, I was holding a cross high in the air.  Jesus died for moments like this…to show us the way. I knew that my every step was being guided.  There is power in realizing where power comes from.  There is a wellspring of life there.  In a small valley within a larger valley, we experienced the abundant life…life centered on the liberative power of love.


Bugs. Bugs.  Bugs.  Gnats and mesquites seemed to out number the wedding guests by millions.  Throughout the ceremony, they offered continuous hysterics.  While reading the Gospel of John, I had one literally go down my throat.  I hawked it up and spit it out. While everyone laughed, I kept on thinking about how many diseases I might have just contracted. But…the ceremony had to go on. The beauty pushed me through. Classic words flowed. “Dearly beloved…” “Please, repeat after me.”  “With this ring…”  I could go on and on. While the wedding was special / just like all weddings are, beauty seemed to be a little more forthcoming in their midst.


The husband of the bride beamed in love at his wife as she married her second husband.  I will never forget that look.  There was something very powerful there…namely…love.


The children of the bride and groom grew more excited by the moment.  While there was a space for them to be part of the ceremony at the end, I thought they were going to run up at any moment.  Joy filled their hearts.


The kids raced up and hugged their parents.  Beauty was in every eye and on every face.  We prayed with each other for a considerable amount of time. The rhythms of the spirit rocked my soul.


Then, the family turned around and faced the congregation.  There was a wild uproar of love.  My heart could barely contain it.  In the midst of the power, I raised my hands and offered a blessing to the congregation.  “Go and have the courage to live as they do.”


There was nothing normal.


Truthfully, I didn’t know what to expect.  Polyamory is something that I don’t completely understand.  That didn’t matter.  Upon arrival, I tried to look for what was normal or easily explainable  Quickly, I realized my mistake.  Liberation is found in difference and difference alone.  There is no salvation is doing what everyone else does.  Throughout my time in Alaska, this courageous family unbound my soul.  I will never believe in normal again.



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