Rage is Salvation

Rage is Salvation October 9, 2018


Rage is Salvation


You shout peace…peace…and there is no peace.

If I give all that I have to justice, but do not have rage, I am well intentioned.


Rage is impatient. Rage is not kind. Rage is envious. Rage is demanding. Rage celebrates. Rage challenges. Rage champions. Rage rages. Rage keeps a meticulous record of wrongs. Rage delights in the destruction of injustice. Rage protects the oppressed. Rage trusts the oppressed. Rage hopes with the oppressed. Rage doesn’t stop. Rage never fails.


Smiles will cease. Niceness will be silenced. Truth will be proven false. Now, we know in part…but wholeness is coming. Injustice will not live forever. We rage for justice with the knowledge that it is coming.


For hours, I watched to see if there was another way. The abuse never let up. I knew I was getting to a place of no return. Person after person arrived seeking healing and found everything but instead. Their faces were haunting me. Finally, rage exploded in my soul. I don’t know if my feet hit the ground. I destroyed everything. No table or chair was left unturned. I drove out all of those oppressive assholes. When I looked up to catch my breath, I saw a multitude of oppressed peoples who’d just been freed from oppression. The church was clear…


The police did it again. Bleeding out in the street was yet another oppressed person. Tensions began to rise. People started taking to the streets. As if on cue, church folk took to their steps to scream about peace. Anyone who actually knew Jesus…knew better. Jesus was exactly where he said he would be…with the oppressed…out in the streets. As the oppressed raged…Jesus raged.


Salvation can be found in nothing less.



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