Missouri Executioners: A Warning of Justice to Come

Missouri Executioners: A Warning of Justice to Come May 11, 2024

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Late nights birth early mornings.  Though he preferred to sleep, he had to get up.  The job demanded it.  Quickly drinking a cup of coffee, he raced out the door.  Each step felt tougher than it had the day before.  Popping the trunk, he loaded all his gear into the car.  It took multiple turns before the car would start.  On the horizon, thin grey skies looked ominous.  The weather was as cold as his heart had become.  Even though he didn’t want to do it, the money was too good.  Meeting up with his team, they talked about the plan one more time.  Timing is everything in a matter like this.  Though they’d done it many times before, there was no room for error.  Proceeding up the stairs, they knew exactly where their target was.  The building was much warmer than they expected.  Perspiration formed along his brow.  When he saw them, he knew it was over.  With the team swarmed all around him, there was nowhere to run.  Resistance was futile.  Terror filled every second.  Though it would’ve been easier to just shoot him, it would’ve been too hard to clean up.  The boss told them to make it look as clean as possible.  So, they jabbed him with a needle filled with poison.  The look in his eyes waxed and waned until it was no more.  Holding him down, they stayed just long enough to make sure that he was dead.  Just like all murderers, they justified their actions by declaring that he deserved it.  Talking about everything except what just happened, the team left as fast as they’d arrived.  Murder never looked so professional.  That’s the way he preferred it.  Now, all there was left to do was to go home and wait on the check.

What should happen to the person whose business it is to kill?  One would think that the above man would be arrested and charged.  Punishment should be swift, right?  It shouldn’t matter who the boss is, right?  The entire team should be dealt with similarly, right?  It shouldn’t matter why.  It shouldn’t matter who.  Murder is murder, right?

The man is an employed executioner.  The team are the individuals who carry out executions.  The bosses are the governments that perpetuate the death penalty.

There is a time coming that all people who participate in executions will be seen as the story above describes.  Ruthless killers employed by other killers to partner with other killers to kill the defenseless.


Make no mistake, a time is coming when it will not be a defense to say that you were just doing your job.  One day, investigations, courts and tribunals will be formed to hold executioners responsible for their crimes against humanity.  Remember, justice does not have an expiration date.




Of course, such admonition also goes for every other executioner in every other state.


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