The Nature of Blue Supremacy

The Nature of Blue Supremacy July 18, 2017


For the past year, I’ve seen this flag. Each time, I am reminded that it is the blue lives that actually matter. In countless encounters, the message was loud and clear…only blue is supreme.

I was there when five police officers died. I still grieve for their families. With such affirmed, I am disgusted by how law enforcement has used and abused the memory of their fellow officers to ravenously seek more power. Did the lives of these five officers truly matter? It seems their lives have been most useful to strengthen the power of the blue. The aggressive marketing after their deaths was about one thing and one thing only…blue supremacy.

Why don’t governments honor the victims of the blue in the way that they honor the blue? One doesn’t have to wonder long…the answer is clear. Only blue is supreme. They can do whatever they want. In egregious case after egregious case, we’ve seen the blue brutalize citizens and never be held accountable. When you come in contact with the blue, you are right to be scared…any interaction could be your last. Throughout history, oppressors rise up and reign over societies. Many offer contemporary warnings against such a phenomenon. Make no mistake…we’re already there.

Not too long ago, we met with multiple officers to try to plan some level of security for a rally. After some conversation, it was clear that the officers didn’t like our plans. Forcefully, we were told that we’d have no security if we went through with it. “We ain’t going to put our officers out there to protect this.” When I found myself incredulous that they would use their position as a means of suppressing free assembly/speech, I let my eyes wonder to right above their shoulders. Stuck to the wall was a message…blue lives matter.

In the midst of our blue nightmare, a wild diversity of officers are abusing us everyday. While other descriptions of police brutality are also of primary importance, I think it is important to make sure that we have a descriptor that speaks to the ingrained and institutionalized desire to uplift the blue…even when it is of fatal consequence. Blue supremacy is a both a sickness and a mindset that has to be cleansed from our society. As long as the blue keep creating more blue supremacists, we will continue to see the blood of innocent people flow down our streets. The time to resist was yesterday. The blue is on the march and we’re next.


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