When a White Woman Dies: On Blue Supremacy

When a White Woman Dies: On Blue Supremacy July 18, 2017
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family/public domain


Repeatedly, I’ve stood in front of cameras and audiences to loudly declare to white people, “If you don’t engage in the struggle against police brutality, the next tragedy will be yours.” Yesterday, it was. Not long after calling 911 to report a possible sexual assault, Justine Ruszczyk-Damond was gunned down by one of the responding Minneapolis police officers, a Somali Muslim immigrant named Mohamed Noor. By all accounts, Justine was a beautiful person…loved by everyone who knew her. There is no indication that she did anything to warrant the shots. Regardless, there was no reason to immediately resort to deadly force. People often wonder why I teach my kids not to call the police…this situation and countless others like it is why. While there is no question that communities of color are under invasion by law enforcement, we would be remiss to not acknowledge that this is a phenomenon that impacts us all. So where is everyone?


Growing up, I was always taught that men are supposed to protect women. Even though I gave up on such a misogynistic idea long ago, I know that there are countless men and women who still believe in such a misguided principles. One has to wonder where all these folks have been when the police have slaughtered countless women? Where are they today? I would imagine they are driving around with their blue lives matter stickers all over their cars. I would imagine that they are in their homes as the blue lives matter flags and signs adorn their homes. One doesn’t have to imagine long, before they realize that these folks and many others who cling to tyrannical manifestations of ignorance are perpetuating crimes against humanity.


Blue supremacy is a pandemic. No one is immune. To those who just can’t seem to kick their blue addiction, I offer you the warning of Jesus…those who live by the blue will die by the blue.





source: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/australian-woman-shot-dead-minneapolis-police-officers-after-calling-911-n783581

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