No More Murders! : Stop the Supreme Court and the People of Georgia with Prayer

No More Murders! : Stop the Supreme Court and the People of Georgia with Prayer January 22, 2015

Warren Hill


There is an old story about Jesus. During one of his marathon sessions, the entire house he was teaching in filled up and everyone wanted to share a moment with Jesus. Hearing that he had the power to heal people, a group across town picked up their disabled neighbor and carried him on a mat to the house where Jesus was. After being unable to find an entrance or a way to get into the place of healing, the group carried their neighbor to the top of the house and worked to make a hole in the roof big enough to lower their friend to Jesus. I wonder what people thought when dirt started to fall on their heads? After some work, the hole was finally big enough to lower the neighbor through. What if the story took a terrible turn at this moment? What if the group decided they were tired of their heavy neighbor and just dropped him? Instead of the beautiful story of healing, the story becomes about a group of people who abused a vulnerable person and dropped him to his death. Rather than heroes for carrying their neighbor to a place of healing, we would rightfully call the group murderers.


Warren Hill is a murderer. Warren Hill has been convicted of killing two people. The names of Myra Wright and Joseph Handspike must never be forgotten in this conversation. As a person of deep religious faith, I believe that murder is evil. I pray for the redemption of all think about committing or who commit murder. Right now I am praying for the people of my home state, Georgians are preparing the execution chamber to be the scene of an atrocity…the murder of an intellectually disabled man named Warren Hill.


With an IQ of 70, Warren Hill is every bit the same as the disabled neighbor in the aforementioned story. In order to function, Hill needs the help of people around him. Doctor after doctor after doctor has consistently testified that Hill is intellectually disabled. In the coming days, the United States Supreme Court will have another opportunity to weigh in on this case. The Court is standing above a place of healing and has the opportunity to lower Hill or drop him to his death. When the life of someone so vulnerable is at stake, there is nothing to call someone who would allow Hill’s death to take place except for a murderer. I pray for the redemption of the Supreme Court, the people of Georgia and every other player that could save the life of Warren Hill. Join me. We do not need any more murderers walking around.



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