poetic words thought in the struggle

poetic words thought in the struggle December 16, 2014






the deepness of the moment

the pain rolled down my cheek

you can’t live forever

right now we can’t speak

from the darkness I cry out

your voice is like light

something seems closer than ever

in the gap I hear something

death and life are close



the hand



death takes

make the best of it

you are liar

stuck in this place

inertia of being

blindness of vision

being of nothing

I feel the hand

don’t touch me

you frighten me

you are rude and careless

do you not care?

does the hand lead the way or grab to take?

I don’t know

I just hold on

somehow the world becomes a meaningful place





do you care to listen

why be here

the world is hurting

we just talk

is this a game or church





we are never ready to say goodbye to the day

there is something that we lost just after dawn

did the hours take from us

do we donate part of our self to the sunset

are the colors us

are we looking at beauty or our own demise

only the colors know





I refused to be categorized

I refused to be victimized

I refused to be identified

I refused to be who you want me to be


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