Press Release: On Religious Liberty & Quarantine Civil Disobedience

Press Release: On Religious Liberty & Quarantine Civil Disobedience March 23, 2020

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Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood


In recent days, our governments have repeatedly issued orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  These are scary times.  Restrictions are necessary.  The problem arises when preventative actions begin to flippantly infringe upon basic rights.  From the foundation of our nation, religious practice has been something to be protected at all costs.


Make no mistake, these latest restrictions are very dangerous…and I believe unconstitutional (they are not the least restrictive means necessary).  There are varieties of religious groups who have to be physically together in order to practice their religion.  Now do we just tell them that their religion is not important?  Do we give them no other options?  Churches have long been refuges for the struggling.  Now we’re supposed to just give them a locked door? Ministers perform essential roles in our society.  What about the congregant that needs help?  Our rights are such that it is not the role of government to restrict any of these basic societal functions.  RELIGIOUS LIBERTY IS FUNDAMENTAL TO WHO WE ARE.


With such affirmed, I CALL FOR CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.  Religious leaders should invite their congregations to carefully continue performing their essential social role in our society.  To do anything else…is to lose who we are/who we are called to be…lovers of our neighbors.  In the midst of such blatant insensitivity toward marginalized and oppressed people, we must stand firm/fight back.  Keeping the faith means holding fast to our rights / and the rights of others.


While most churches shouldn’t be meeting right now…we must never let anyone keep us from our essential occupation of loving our neighbors.  God is with you/us.



Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood

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