Dr. Li Weinlang: Martyr of the Faith

Dr. Li Weinlang: Martyr of the Faith March 21, 2020



Dr. Li Weinlang: Martyr of the Faith


Strange things seemed to only get stranger.  Stories kept on leaking out about a new respiratory illness that was similar yet more deadly than the SARS virus of years past.  Wuhan just seemed to be ignoring it.  Afraid for the health of his colleagues in medicine, Dr. Li Weinlang started to investigate what was going on.  Fairly quickly, it became apparent that this was a nightmare situation.  On a Chinese messaging service, Dr. Weinlang set out to tell his colleagues about what he had discovered.  Warning them to make sure that they wear all protective gear available, Weinlang went about his business of trying to help his patients.  Almost immediately, local authorities caught on to his warnings.  It wasn’t long before Weinlang was brought before the police and charged with disseminating false information.  Despite the risk to his life, Weinlang kept warning people. He refused to be silenced. In short order, large numbers of people started dying.  It became apparent that Weinlang was right.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t time for him to be completely vindicated. After giving everything he had to love his neighbors, Weinlang was diagnosed with the newly named COVID-19 and admitted to the hospital in critical crondition.  From his bed, Weinlang continued to send out messages warning people about COVID-19.  With every passing day, he grew more ill…until finally, the warnings stopped.  Even up to his last conscience moments, he was still concerned about those struggling with the illness in the outside world.  Unable to breathe, Dr. Li Weinlang died on February 8, 2020 at 2:58am. Throughout the world, he was hailed as a hero of monumental proportions.  For many in Wuhan, he was just the loving neighbor that kept them from getting sick.


The message of God passed down through the ages is simple…love.  In the midst of such a message, there is no greater love than giving your life for others.  There is no question that Dr. Weinlang did just that.  In fact, I believe he would be alive today if not for his deep love for others.  To be quite frank, I don’t know anything about Weinlang’s spirituality…I just know his actions…I just see the sacrifice he made in death. That is enough for me.  Dr. Li Weinlang is a Martyr of the Faith because he is a Martyr of Love.  Make no mistake, Weinlang is not dead…he lives in the struggle against this deadly virus…he lives in us.




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