Richard Glossip is Scheduled to Die for Our Sins

Richard Glossip is Scheduled to Die for Our Sins September 30, 2015



Over and over, Justin Sneed slammed a baseball bat into the flesh of Barry Van Treese. Blood splashed all over the Best Budget Inn until there was no life in Van Treese left. Oklahoma City was appalled at the horrific nature of the crime. Upon admitting to the crime, Sneed convinced prosecutors and two juries that motel manager Richard Glossip ordered him to kill Van Treese. Sneed got life and Glossip got death. After killing a man with a baseball bat, Sneed once again got to decide who lived and died.


The State of Oklahoma is about 85% Christian. You can’t put blame anyone else for this execution other than Christians. Richard Glossip is scheduled to die for our sins.


We allowed for death to remain a punishment option.

We must repent and abolish the death penalty.

We refused to reform our criminal justice system.

We must repent and seek real justice.

We promoted theologies of death.

We must repent and cling to theologies of life.

We are responsible for the scheduled execution of Richard Glossip.

We must repent.

May our repentance and actions lead to life.



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