Seeing John Battaglia

Seeing John Battaglia February 6, 2018

Seeing John Battaglia


The room was cold. It’s always cold in there. I was alone. Waiting. It seems that the purpose of prison is to wait. The seat was cold too. I laid my head on the little ledge. Sleep came quickly. I can’t remember if I dreamed or not. When you’re on death row, everything seems like a dream…or rather a nightmare. I don’t know what woke me up. Perhaps it was God. Perhaps it was the Devil. Regardless, I began to see. Everything was blurry. Then, all became clear. A chill went down my spine. I knew exactly who he was. John Battaglia is unmistakable. Grey hair. Chiseled face. Well built. Multiple tattoos. I knew everything as soon as I saw him. Immediately, he tried to intimidate me. Fear traveled up my spine. He simply would not stop looking at me. I kept trying to look away. I just wanted to see something else. His eyes pierced my soul. I couldn’t pray. I didn’t know how. He stared at me throughout eternity and back. I thought he would eventually stop. He never did. i couldn’t do anything but see. Throughout it all, his daughters came to me. I thought about their deaths. I thought about their lives. I knew they’d never died. God was there. Eventually, I began to see Battaglia for what he was…a very sick man. In that moment, he no longer had power over me. My ability to pray returned. I looked him dead in the eyes. There was a powerful blessing in there somewhere. The staring broke. Life had flowed between us. Love was in there somewhere. I once was blind…but now I see.


In an act of revenge against his former wife, John Battaglia shot and killed his daughters Faith (9) and Liberty (6) in 2001.


In an another act of revenge for his crimes, we will kill John Battaglia in 2018.


Evil is always incestuous.


Can’t you see?



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