“Kelly is a Piece of Sh*t.” -Jesus

“Kelly is a Piece of Sh*t.” -Jesus February 6, 2018

“Kelly is a Piece of Shit.” -Jesus


Revelation is magic.


Horrible smells seemed to be coming from every crevice of our home. I sniffed my way all around the house. I hadn’t checked the kids. Surely, it wasn’t one of the kids? I was expecting to find something dead. I kept sniffing. After exhausting all other possibilities, I went and checked the kids. My daughter was fine. When I got to my son, he was grinning from ear to ear. I should have known. When I bent down to take a sniff, I thought it might be the end. Eventually, I collected myself enough to clean up the toxic site. NPR was on the radio. I used the news to distract me. I needed a biohazard suit…but I couldn’t find one in the house. With both skill and ease, I dismantled the diaper. Once the final flap drop, I arrived at ground zero. A huge shit stared back at me. Then, I was distracted by something on the radio.


Amongst a whole host of other racist and problematic statements he made in the same interview, White House Chief of Staff General Jon Kelly had the nerve to call immigrants lazy.


I had to return to my duties. In the midst of finishing the change, I noticed the huge shit once more. Then, something happened. I felt divinity all around me. The divine hand reached out. We started to move together. Then, I saw the diaper. That horrible shit was still there. I saw Jesus move toward the diaper and point. In the most powerful tone I have ever heard, I heard, “Kelly is a Piece of Shit.” Jesus is always right.


Eventually, I got that diaper changed. It’s wild to have a revelation while you’re changing a diaper. Nevertheless, the shit was still speaking to me. I knew that Kelly was in that diaper. Jesus had already told me so. When I dropped the diaper with all the other trash, I looked at my son and reminded him, “That’s what happens to pieces of shit.”


And the people of God said…



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