What if Jesus had attended the National Prayer Breakfast?

What if Jesus had attended the National Prayer Breakfast? February 8, 2018


Cold. Cold. It was so very cold. Jesus could feel the body breaking down. Every step seemed like it could be his last. Shelter after shelter turned him away. There was nothing to eat. There was nowhere to sleep. Eventually, he found a bridge. As the cars roared by above his head, Jesus cried out to God to save him. As the misery deepened, he heard nothing. Eventually, he dozed. He thought his last thought might truly be his last thought. Unable to move, Jesus just laid there until some resemblance of movement returned. Dizzy, he knew he needed food quick. In the distance, he heard people talking about prayer and faith. Praising God for this blessing, Jesus followed them. Eventually, they arrived at a huge building. He knew he had to be in the presence of the people of God and the Bread of Life always in habited such spaces. Following the prayers, Jesus walked to the door. The closer he got, the more evil looks he got. As he arrived at the door, he was immediately was grabbed and thrown out onto the sidewalk. “If you come back, you will be arrested!” Everyone in line cheered the officer son. “Don’t you know that the President is going to be here? No trash allowed!” Growing weaker and weaker, Jesus went around to a side entrance. A kind server let him in. “Are you hungry?” She left and came back with a large plate of food. With every bite, Jesus gained new strength. Prayerfully, he started walking toward the main room.

Bullshit accompanied every step. “Homeless.” “Predator.” “Mentally ill.” “Psychotic.” “Lazy.” The whispers grew louder and louder and louder. Once the program started, everything seemed to quiet down. Jesus expected to hear prayer. Jesus expected to get spiritual nourishment. Jesus expected something. He didn’t get anything. The words were consistently evil. Jesus angrier and angrier. Eventually, Donald Trump arose to speak. Praying for a miracle. Jesus leaned forward to listen. After a few words, it became clear that Trump’s God was himself. God was only a tool for beating the marginalized and the oppressed. Jesus couldn’t take it any more. Arising to his feet, Jesus screamed, “Love your neighbor as your self!” Trump didn’t waste the opportunity. “Get that piece of trash!” The crowd started to scream, “U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!” A couple of pastors in the audience rushed him and took him to the ground. With a “Christian” knee to his back and knee to his throat, Jesus started to lose consciousness and screamed out, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” No one could hear him…because everyone was shouting, “U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!” In the midst of all the “holiness,” Jesus died on the floor.



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