A Short Theology of Sleep

A Short Theology of Sleep November 19, 2017
Alexander Possingham / Unsplash
Alexander Possingham / Unsplash



“What’s taking so long?” The restaurant seemed to attract assholes. It seemed like rudeness grew by the hour. When she got in her car, she let out a sigh of relief. She began to drive home. After kissing her kids, she arrived at the place she had longed for all day. Laying down and covering up, she quickly found sleep. It was there that she felt most alive.


What do the backs of eyelids look like?


“What a great ride?” The open road had been good to him. From town to town, he experienced new thoughts and ways of being. The bike was starting to feel heavy. Exhaustion was close. Every turn of the wheel felt like torture now. In his mind, he thought, “I just want to sleep.” In time, he did. He felt so at piece. Sleep had finally found him. He felt fully alive. Within minutes, he crashed his motorcycle into a guardrail and died on the spot.


What does sleep pain feel like?


“She just won’t go to sleep!” They were at the end of their ropes. Their daughter just wouldn’t go to sleep. They tried driving her around. They tried singing. They tried a hot bath. She just would not go to sleep. After a few hours, she finally laid down in her crib and went to sleep. She wore a slight smile on her face. It was almost as if she knew that she’d gotten her parents good this time.


Does sleep contain memories?


“It’s so cold.” He’d been living outside for so long that he didn’t remember much else. Tonight, he was just trying to stay alive. Though the dangers were great, he curled up in his blankets as close as he could to the fire he made. As the night progressed, the blankets got hotter. When he opened his eyes, the fire was out. He was so glad he made it through the night.


Is waking up the goal?


We’ve been made in the image of God. Sleep is not a product of our deficiencies. It is a product of our making. We sleep because God sleeps. Sleep is the great equalizer. All sleep. There is only sleep.










We are sleep.


God is sleep.



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