Stand Up! : Remarks at Dallas Pastors for Texas Children

Stand Up! : Remarks at Dallas Pastors for Texas Children April 28, 2014
Louis Malfaro of Texas American Federation of Teachers

I have spent a few days thinking about Pastors for Texas Children generally and this meeting in particular.  My thoughts and spirit has consistently been transported to this vision of standing up.  What does it look like to stand up?  What does it look like to have courage?  We have many churches represented and many denominations represented here today…but I think that there is one thing that all of the gathered can agree on.  I think we can all agree that the gospel mandate of Matthew 25 to stand with the least of these amongst us takes courage.  I am thankful that we have a number of people who are showing tremendous courage on this issue of public education.  The gospel mandate takes us to places where we know we have to be concerned with the welfare and well being of the entire spectrum of children…from the most to the least.  So as we think about Pastors for Texas Children…as we think about being present on this important issue let us think about standing up…let us think about having courage.  So I invite you to stand up.  Literally…stand up!  Visually as we stand together and as we listen to Louis Malfaro of the Texas American Federation of Teachers…may we stand with him in achieving his mission and ours of a quality education for all of God’s children.  Amen.

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