Texans Kill Recklessly: The Execution of Kent Sprouse

Texans Kill Recklessly: The Execution of Kent Sprouse April 9, 2015


For many years, Texans have worked tirelessly to litigate the case, guard the offender and secure the drugs. Now the moment is here, Kent Sprouse will be executed this evening at 6pm. From beginning to end, the cost of executing Sprouse will be millions of dollars. Apart from the moral contradiction of a state full of Christians executing someone, there is a huge moral problem with spending millions of dollars to kill someone when it is far cheaper to keep them in prison for the rest of their lives. Imagine what schools, hospitals, firefighters, law enforcement and many others could do with all the remaining money? If Texans worked as hard to create a state worth living in as we do executing people, we would live in paradise. As it stands, the death penalty is killing Texas morally and financially. We must do better.



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