The Creation of God: A Vision

The Creation of God: A Vision November 10, 2020

Science in HD/Unsplash

The Creation of God: A Vision



The future is a question.

God is the question.

The past is the future.

The future is the past.

Time is fiction.


“God, you have violated the laws of the cosmos!  For your sins, you are hereby sentenced to disintegration.”  The cosmic jury had spoken and their ship began to travel closer and closer to the fiery star.  When the heat became unbearable, God was shot into the middle of the star.  Watching through powerful viewing devices, everyone waited for God’s forgone demise.  The problem was that God disappeared into the silence.  Assuming that they just missed the disintegration, everyone blasted off into different directions. Out of sight out of mind. Whether they noticed or not, everyone knew that something had changed.  Space seemed so lonely.  Darkness grew darker.  The planets no longer shined.  Was this the end?  Then, the star began to shake and quake.  There was a beautiful light coming from the center.  Then, the star exploded.  Light overwhelmed them all.


There had never been anything brighter.  This was the light. This was the source of all light.  Universes filled with promise.  There were no dimensions unexposed.  All of creation heard the boom.  “Lo, I with you always…” They were no longer alone.


The light is still speaking.  Do you remember? The boom cannot be silenced. Can you see it?  Words are written in the stars.  Explosions of magic are as clear today as they were then.  Can you still hear them?  Touch the present. God is there.  Touch the future.  God is there.  Touch the present.  God is here.  Touch the future. God is here.  In the economy of God, present is future and future is present.  God is.  A journey into our future is a journey into our present.  There is no time.  There is only future.  There is only God.



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