The Genocide of Silence. / An Existential Poem.

The Genocide of Silence. / An Existential Poem. April 4, 2022

angin akyurt / unsplash


The Genocide of Silence.


Silence is horrifying.




What we will hear.



Maybe we are afraid.


What we won’t hear.


Does God dwell?

In silence?

In darkness?

In nothing?







Rooms full of silent strangers.

Is this what one calls a day?

Hours spent in silent longing?

Perhaps there is nothing strange about the silence.

It is what makes us…us.


Does our humanity speak?

Is it our breathe that breaks the silence?

Is this what connects us all?

Breezes we cannot see.

One gust of wind is all that we are.


The older breathes too hard.

The younger breathes too much.

They couldn’t be quiet if they wanted to.

Why do we demand their silence?

Only the able can be silent.


Birds chirp with no end in sight.

Animals can’t be quiet.

Silence seems exclusive.

Only the right species can be silent.


There is a schism.

There are the haunted.

There are the saved.

In the end, the noises survive.


What value is there in silence?

Noise is our greatest gift.

Or perhaps our greatest curse.

How does God speak without noise?

Are we saying that God doesn’t have a voice?

Is God silent?


Justice chokes out the silence.

Justice speaks up.

Justice demands noise.

Justice yearns for noise.

Justice is not silent.


Silence is not spiritual.

Silence is convenient.

Silence is for the privileged.


Questions demand noise.

Questions lead us to God.

Questions are the spiritual practice.

God exists in our questions.



The soul is shy.

Shyness can’t dissipate without noise.

Loneliness is often silent.

Words speak.

Words free.

Words matter.






Don’t silence it.







Evil requires identification.

Silence allows evil to continue.

Push back the evil.

Loudly proclaim righteousness.


Holiness is loud.

People are desperate.

For noises that matter.

Silence kills matter.

Holiness is loud.


Actions speak.

Hesitation kills.

Silence is always the accomplice.


Stop discerning.

Do something.

People are dying.


Stop the genocide of the silent.

Love the noise.


You are not bored.

You are not guilty.

You are not a murderer.


Make it end.


Light is a symphony.

Noise is the chorus.

Guide us dear sounds.

Guide us to the light.

The noise goes on forever.

Light perpetual shine upon us.


There are many directions.

We need directions.


Noise beyond noise.

Make it so.

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