The South Dallas Gospel: God Cut Loose

The South Dallas Gospel: God Cut Loose January 13, 2019

2012 Coverage of the Shooting of James Harper by the Dallas Police Department / Dallas Observer



Incarnation is about God’s presence.  Throughout time and space, God is present in particular contextual moments. In the midst of near constant police oppression, God is present in the struggles of the people of South Dallas. This is what the presence of a street activist God might look like.


God is the beginning.  Love flows from God and nothing will ever interrupt it.  God is real as fuck.


People be walking around like zombies…scared of the police.  God ain’t about that shit.  Love is what God is about.


Don’t let them get close or you will become a zombie too.  Imprisoned by the police.  Stay woke children!  Stay woke!


God got some new skin. With every step, God just set it off.  God was free.


Everywhere, God screamed, “We doin’ this shit folks!  Rise up!  Fuck the law…this is about love…if you ain’t down…then get the fuck out of the way.”



“Wake up!”


“I’m here.”


“This is it!”


“Fuck the police!”



“Where you from?”


“South Dallas.”


“Can anything good come from that shithole?”





Shots rang out. Bullets riddled the air. The young brother dropped on the pavement.  God was right there.


Rage. Rage.  Rage.


“Only fuckin’ cowards stay silent in times like this.”


“Move your asses!”



Bang!  The doors flew open.  Everybody froze.  Nobody had ever confronted the police like this.  When they started reaching for their guns, God grabbed them out of their hands.  “You going to shoot me too!”  “Not tonight!”  Pandemonium set in.  Climbing on top of a desk, God screamed, “Fuck your justice! I am love!”  God kicked their asses out of their own station. In the streets, the people cheered.  The zombies had been set free.


“Maybe those motherfuckers think twice before they shoot somebody else.”



While such an interpretation might sound harsh/even violent to some, it illustrates the rage of South Dallas and many other urban areas.  We would do well to listen to a God that is crying out in the streets for justice.  For in listening and seeking to understand, liberation can find us all.





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