The Other Christmas Story:  A Vision/Revision of Revelation 12

The Other Christmas Story:  A Vision/Revision of Revelation 12 December 19, 2021

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The Other Christmas Story:  A Vision/Revision of Revelation 12


Deep in meditation, I was transported to another place.  In the distance, I saw a family gathered around a table.  The earth began to shake.  Immediately, the family ran for refuge.  Bombs started to explode everywhere.  I was terrified…but I couldn’t close my eyes.  I was here to watch.  Not long after the bombs, I heard bullets slicing through the air.  Screams rang out at all of the neighboring houses until the door to our house swung open.  I tried to scream…but nobody could hear me.  In horror, I watched as the soldiers brutalized the family.  They wanted something that the family did not have…information.  When one of the soldiers placed a gun to the temple of one of the children, I screamed…but still nobody could hear me.  After a brief countdown amidst audible screaming, the soldier pulled the trigger.  In that moment, everything changed.  The heavens opened up in protest…and the door opened.  Clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet, a glorious radiant pregnant woman stood at the door.  Time stopped.


In her womb, the woman carried Justice.  Fearful of losing their power, the nations came together to await the birth of the child so that they might devour it.  Then, she gave birth to Justice…before the nations were unable to grab the child…for God had hidden it.  Desperate to cling to their power, the nations rose up to perpetuate as much injustice as they could.  War raged.


Until Justice was able to grow to fruition, the partial fought injustice with all of their might.  Then, the perfect rose up.  Justice flung the nations to the ground and declared them defeated.  Loudly, the heavens declared,


“Now Justice has come…
the realm of God is at hand,
and the authority of our God is everlasting.
As for the nations,
the ones who perpetuate injustice day and night,
they have been hurled down.
Justice has triumphed over them
by the power of love
and by the word of truth;
Therefore rejoice, you heavens
and all who dwell throughout creation!
But woe to the nations,
because Justice has been unleashed!”


When the nations saw that Justice would not stop until injustice was eradicated, they pursued the woman who had given birth.  Justice saved her and together they work to finish the work that Justice has started.  God is with them.  Injustice cannot win.  The nations will be turned to right and all will be complete.  Those who join the woman and her child will know Justice forever.


In the doorway, the woman gave birth to Justice.  Immediately, the child destroyed all of the guns…sat the souls of the oppressed at ease…and changed the hearts of the soldiers.  Justice destroyed the conflict…all was made right…creation was whole.  The nations were no match for the creator of all things.  The family was saved.  I was amazed.


Then, I woke up.  Outwardly, everything seemed to be no different than it was.  Inwardly, everything had changed.  Justice had taken root in my spirit.  The vision was real.  The struggle continues.  I stand with the woman and the child.  I am becoming like them.  Justice lives through me.  The meditation never ends.



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