The Puppet in the Pulpit

The Puppet in the Pulpit November 21, 2015



For the third time in a week, I received a phone call from a prophetic and transformative friend who either resigned their pastorate or was bullied into silence by the governing board of their church. In an age of increasing injustice, our churches have become the great bastions and protectors of the status quo. The most praised ministers in this environment are those who talk a big game without ever actually doing anything transformative. Churches love the puppet in the pulpit. Everyone just gets to sit back, clap and enjoy the show. The puppets keep everyone from actually following Jesus and assure all who will listen that they’re actually doing the opposite. Make no mistake, these puppets come in all kinds of identities and make up the majority of our ministers. If you want to know if your pastor is a puppet, just look for who is pulling the strings.



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