The Thingyness of God

The Thingyness of God January 18, 2016



*Based on a talk delivered at The Church of the Table in Fort Worth on 1/17/2016


The great woods were magnificent. Though I’d hiked many places, I’d never experienced anything like this. There was energy to the place that was unexplainable. The things that surrounded me were so full of God. The trees swayed their joy. The wind whispered love. The leaves crunched a welcome. The sun embraced me. I hope to go back there some day. If I never do, I will know that it was there that I learned about the energy of God in things.


The thingyness of things has always caused us to assume that things are meaningless. If God created all things, then the energy that unites all things is holy. When Jesus gathered disciples for one last supper, do you not think there was powerful energy in everything in that place? Was there not energy flowing into and out of the table? Was there not energy in the cup from which they all drank? Will there not be energy in the bread and wine that we will consume for communion? Things contain energy that points beyond the thing just like we do. Things have the energy of the creator within them. When we commune with things we are communing with the very essence of God…energy. Make no mistake, the energy of God flows through all that is and all that will ever be. The thingyness of God can never be denied.


This evening, we all came together seeking something more. We gathered around a thing…this table…with divine expectations. There is a thingyness about our gathering. On some level, it was energy that pulled us together around a thing seeking the thingyness of God. Perhaps, the thingyness of God will be what sustains us until we meet again.



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