The Ultimate Thing: Parental Advisory / Explicit Theology

The Ultimate Thing: Parental Advisory / Explicit Theology April 20, 2018


Creek. Creek. Creek. I knew where I was going. Maybe I didn’t. Every step brought me closer. Though I’d traveled up there many times…the summit was different and different again and again…something new was always bubbling up in my soul. Though I’d been up here many times before, I knew that this was the first time. The old door always stuck. It was as if it always wanted to reminisce for a second before giving way to a whole new world. I sat there for a moment. Well, I don’t really know how long I stood there. Nevertheless, the door popped open. I assured it that it was often on my mind. There were many memories in that door. Maybe I always left a little bit of me with it. Maybe not enough. I couldn’t find the light. The darkness just would not give. I embraced it and it embraced me. Were my steps guided? It sure did seem like it. When I touched the bulb, I realized that one flick of my wrist would mean goodbye to my friend. For a few moments, I paused to thank the darkness. This would not be our last time. Surveying the dusty room, my heart spilled onto the floor. I started to move…but before I did…something moved me. The boxes were so beautiful. Many I recognized. Most I didn’t. I closed my eyes. I released my feet. My body was no longer mine. I’d given it over to something else. Creek. Creek. Creek. The noises became sounds of worship. Everything in me was compelled to one box…to one thing. I knew that the thing was in me and I in it. I knew that this was the way. As I knelt before it, every breath was a prayer. My hands reached out with no knowledge of what I might find. The cardboard was electric. We were one. I lifted the lid piece by piece. I felt something going on. My body began to shake. I opened my being. Every crevice of me began to tingle. I couldn’t believe my eyes. God was a thing.


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