Theology of Abuse in The Park

Theology of Abuse in The Park June 27, 2017
The Park // Denton, Texas
The Park // Denton, Texas


Earlier today, I took my kids to the park. While they were playing, I noticed a mom disciplining her child. When the child refused to do what she asked, the mom slapped the child across the face. Immediately, my son Jeff screamed, “You shouldn’t treat someone you love like that!” My heart was filled with pride. He’d listened to our teachings about speaking up for the abused. Though the woman acted like she was ignoring Jeff, she heard him.


God came to mind on the bike home. As the wheels turned, I thought about how twisted it that people believe God is the divine punisher. People who believe such bullshit are ignorant of the love of God and capable of much abuse. We share the love of God to save lives…both literally and figuratively.



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