Truth=False July 1, 2017
Siyan Ren / Unsplash
Siyan Ren / Unsplash


God is truth. We are not. The mortal search for truth is continuous. The fullness of truth is never found in this life. Those who believe otherwise are perpetuators of that which is false. Often, I meet these assumed keepers of truth.


I was exchanging small talk to a police officer. Then, he realized who I was. For a moment or two, we talked about what that night in Dallas was like. Before we left, he said, “If y’all want police brutality to end…you have to recognize that law enforcement are the keepers of the truth.”


Requests for interviews are cranking up as the anniversary nears. When I sat down with a prominent journalist, her first words were, “Journalists are the keepers of the truth in our society. I just want to share your truth.”


I encountered a big supporter of a local city councilman. When he asked me what I thought about the councilman, I said, “I just don’t trust him.” Immediately, the supporter responded, “The councilman always tells the truth.”


Finally, I heard a preacher talking about, “the truth.” His truth turned out to be the most dismal truth I could have ever imagined.


Claims of truth are false. Truth cannot be possessed. Truth cannot be kept. Truth is always beyond us. Our job is to chase it with all that we are. To do anything else is false.




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