A Deadly Faith – Gospel Reflection @CatholicMom.com

A Deadly Faith – Gospel Reflection @CatholicMom.com April 24, 2014

In the busyness of Holy Week I forgot to tell you my Gospel reflection for Matthew 26:14-25 went up last Wednesday.

Interesting writing thing to know about: The way these work at CatholicMom.com is that you get your assignment and submit six months of reflections at a time.  Which means that you aren’t necessarily in the season when you’re writing.  And it means that when they finally go live, you get to see a bit of what you were thinking so many months ago.  I’ve found these to be both fun and spiritually helpful, so I’d recommend that if you are a Catholic writer you consider volunteering to take on a reflection a month.

Back to the story.  What caught my eye was that “certain man” left anonymous in the account of the preparations for the Last Supper. I argue that it wasn’t forgetfulness, but caution, that explains the silence:

We bloggers tend to leave names off, or use pseudonyms, when we tell stories.  Innocent stories, even.  We respect our friends’ and even our enemies’ privacy: We tell the tale, but we leave the man out of it.  We instinctively know that you don’t just splash someone’s name around.  That personal stories leave the person exposed.  Vulnerable.

And why the caution?  Because Christianity makes people mad.  Deadly mad.

Read the whole thing here.

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