What will you be doing on your death bed?  In my February 2014 Death Bed Test Run, my answer amused me: I’d be writing about the Catholic faith.  It’s what I do.

In addition to my blogging habit . . . I’m the author of Classroom Management for Catechists.  You can find me lurking around the Catholic Conspiracy.  I sometimes homeschool my kids. I have an MBA (accounting / finance), and my undergrad degree was in International Studies with a splash of economics thrown in.  Studied for a year of that at the Institut d’Etudes Politique in Paris, so oui, j’aime all that French stuff.  My latest educational frenzy? Teaching chastity with Family Honor.

I have an agreement with God that He gets to lay me flat whenever He wants, and I get to whap on the floor when He does it.

Why Sticking the Corners?

I had a dreadful hour of torment at the hands of a pulmonologist, and it reminded me of one my favorite bike races a couple decades earlier.  I blogged about it here, but this what you need to know: Faith is a lot like taking a corner hard and fast.  The only way through is to do it like you mean it.  You can’t tiptoe, or you miss the race.  You can’t waffle, or you’ll crash something ugly.  Deep breath, center your gravity, and stick that corner.