Annulments, Divorce, Remarriage: We’ve Got it All Backwards

The Synod for the Family is coming up, and one of the vexing problems it hopes to address is the situation of Catholic bigamists and polygamists.Vocabulary review:Digamy is the act of marrying again after one's spouse has died, and is a topic that comes up among the early Church Fathers with respect to clergy marriage.  It's a non-issue for the laity (us normal people who aren't ordained), but it's fun to say out loud, so everyone should know what it means. Bigamy is the act of m … [Read more...]

When your marriage is in dire straits . . . there’s a book for that.

It is with great joy that I pass onto you the news of Dr. Greg Popcak's latest book release When Divorce Is Not an Option: How to Heal Your Marriage and Nurture Everlasting Love.  I haven't read it yet, but it's on my wish list.  There's a huge void in the marriage literature between the cliffs of Marriage is Wonderful!  and Better Luck Next Time!  I'm glad to see Dr. Greg making a stab at filling that chasm. You can read more about it here. *** Lest we forget the Catechism doe … [Read more...]

Greed, Human Suffering, and Catholic Social Teaching – Links Worth Your Time

Linking around on human rights & Catholic social teaching:Brandon @ Siris debunks a few myths about the Church "changing" it's teaching on usury.  Summary: The answer is still no and will always be no, but maybe that word doesn't mean what you think it means.  H/T to Darwin for the link. Nestle, Cargill & ADM get to go to court in California on charges of using slave labor.  Thank Simcha Fisher for pointing me to that one. I just finished reading Factory Girl, which follows the ( … [Read more...]

What Happens if Sacramental Confession Ceases to be Secret?

Why are some secrets worth dying for?  The Jesuit Post blog has an excellent piece up on the case from Louisiana headed for the Supreme Court. If you read nothing else, go read that.  Regular readers will recall I commented on similar lines in my review of I Confess earlier this summer.They say hard cases make bad law.  Hard cases also force us to think seriously about what makes good law.  Let's look at possible outcomes if the Supreme Court rules that priests and penitents can be compelled … [Read more...]

Catholic Education: You Can’t Serve Two Masters

One of the reigning errors of our insecure, perpetually-offended culture is the Approval One is the Rejection of All Others fallacy.  So allow me to be perfectly clear: My love of homeschooling is in no way a rejection of our Catholic schools.Not for a moment.  Those who pay attention in real life know that I put quite a lot of effort into steering families towards their local Catholic schools whenever I can.*Thus in the busyness of getting the new school year going, I was dismayed to ha … [Read more...]

Head’s Up, Combox Closing

FYI - the disappearance of the combox is not a technical glitch.I have the best readers around, and the comments on this blog have been overwhelmingly charitable, insightful, and helpful.  (Particularly from those who disagree with me, but from the like-minded souls as well.)It's been a pleasure over the past six months to host such civilized discourse; it is work, but work that I enjoy.However reluctantly, though, I have to do the grown-up thing and say no to one good that I might … [Read more...]

Remedial Organizational Skills with Jennifer: Dry Erase Boards

 Up at The true story of how I fell in love with dry erase boards.90% of you will read and shake your heads with pity.  I am not here for you.  Go alphabetize your sock drawer or something.You the 10%, you are my people.  Distracted Mothers of the World, Unite! We can schedule an appointment just as soon as we figure out where the baby hid the calendar.  … [Read more...]