#Synod14 – In Which Justice & Mercy Try Dating for a Bit

The overall theme of this month's Extraordinary Synod on the Family seems to be this: Catholics stink at being Catholic.  No, really, we're terrible at it.  Now what?The specific topic is everything that has to do with family life, marriage residing at the heart of that.  It turns out Catholics, like the rest of the world, aren't any better at marrying than we are at, say, remembering to read the parish bulletin.  And yet, weirdly, we still long for a deep, lasting, soul-rousing relationship … [Read more...]

Women Demystified: To Love Her is to Tell Her How Beautiful She Is

My daughter is in middle school, and I enjoy going clothes shopping with her.  How did such a thing ever come to pass?  That's what I'm writing about this month at CatholicMom.com.Let's clarify before you click:There is nothing you can do as a parent to take away your child's free will. Therefore, you can do everything "right" and still have a kid who's a nightmare to shop with, and who fights with you tooth and nail over your terrible, no-good, very bad judgment on appropriate c … [Read more...]

BREAKING: St. Paul Comments on the Synod for the Family

For those who are curious about the 2014 Synod of the Family, today's first reading gives you a preview of what to expect: Letter of St. Paul to the Galatians 1:6-12Brothers and sisters:I am amazed that you are so quickly forsaking the one who called you by the grace of Christ for a different gospel (not that there is another). But there are some who are disturbing you and wish to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel other tha … [Read more...]

Chris Tollefsen on the Case Against Incest

(UPDATE: Link fixed.)It just came to my attention that Chris Tollefsen has an essay up at Public Discourse on the case against incest.  Those who've been reading me for many years know I'm a longtime Tollefsen fan, that's just the way it is.   One reason is that Tollefsen is always getting into arguments on topics I've never thought about, and incest would be right up there.  My thinking on the subject until about half an hour ago consisted of, "Um, what?"The good news: It's about more th … [Read more...]

Waffle Syndrome and the Betrayal of Barb Webb

Kathy Schiffer has been covering the story of the firing of Barb Webb, a teacher at Marian High School who was dismissed after she became pregnant.  The story is much more complicated than that, for as Ms. Webb explains herself, all the other pregnant teachers at Marian don't get fired.Why are students, parents, alumnae, and faculty up in arms over this event?  Because it's a break with tradition.  Nobody minded that Barb Webb was in an active, public lesbian relationship.  Nobody minded whe … [Read more...]

If It Doesn’t Cost You Everything, You’re Not on the Little Way

I once made a mother cry by telling her it was the vigil of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.I thought I was doing her, and all the other 5th grade religious education parents, a favor.  We had failed to account for the feast in making our class schedule.  I knew that most of my students would not be able to slip out for a noon Mass on the day, and many had mandatory school activities in the evening.  But look! A vigil mass was scheduled during my class time, so please, parents, come gr … [Read more...]

St. Therese Chocolate Update – Free Shipping through 10/14 at Equal Exchange

You can count on me for news you can use.  In this case, free shipping at Equal Exchange on orders containing chocolate:The fine print on the CHOCWEEK Coupon Code: *Offer expires 10/10/14. Free shipping valid on within the contiguous United States only. Valid once per customer, on orders of $25 or more. Orders must contain chocolate products.  FYI on the way EE works: You can choose to be a retail or a wholesale customer, doesn't matter whether you are or are not part of an official o … [Read more...]