Welcome! Five Facts About the Sticking the Corners Blog + An Explanation

Welcome! Five Facts About the Sticking the Corners Blog + An Explanation February 25, 2014

My name is Jen and I like to write about stuff.

1. I write Catholic stuff.

2. It’s all Catholic.

3. I’ve been at this for a while.  I write regularly for New Evangelizers, CatholicMom.com, Amazing Catechists, and the Catholic Writers Guild. Patheos regulars might recognize me from my smattering of book reviews at the Happy Catholic Bookshelf, or my recent contribution to the Rethinking Religious Education Discussion.

4. This is all the intro you’re going to get.  It is strange starting a new, blank blog.  I figure I’ll just pick up mid-conversation, and you’ll get the hang of it after a bit.

5. If I insisted that all my friends agree with everything I say and do, I’d either have no friends or very stupid friends.  I’d rather have smart, interesting, fun friends.  So even if you’re I’m terribly mistaken on some point, we can still get along and like each other.

What does “Sticking the Corners” mean?

People become Catholic for all kinds of reasons.  People only stay Catholic for one reason: Because it’s true.

When something is true, you can count on it.  You can take action.  You can do things that would not be possible otherwise.  The other week I wrote an essay about how faith is like racing through a tight, sharp corner.  You can’t waffle around.  You can’t do it halfway.  You have to look at the big, dangerous thing ahead and commit to it.  Do it like you mean it.

Here is a nice technical article about how to corner in a road race, and I bet it’s correct.  That article makes my eyes glaze over, but it looks like maybe that’s what I do on a bike.  I call it sticking the corner because that’s what it feels like when I do it.  You’re flying, but there’s a solidity to it.  You stick firmly to the road, you’re never off course, never out of control, even though you’re certain that one false move and you’d crash something deadly.  I know it works on a bike, because I’ve done it.  I know it works on a soul, too.

Body+Soul = Person.

The corners in life are going to come at you: Fast, hard, scary.  Don’t be afraid.  Do it like you mean it.  Stick that corner.


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