Divine Mercy Sunday – What’s it all about??

Divine Mercy Sunday – What’s it all about?? April 23, 2014

The first Sunday after Easter is “Divine Mercy Sunday”. It’s new observance, since the devotion itself only dates from the 1930’s.  (God’s mercy, of course, is much older.  Eternal even.)  You can learn how to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and pile of other stuff, here.  The Chaplet is my go-to recommendation for prayer for folks who either:

  1. Are too recently arrived from the anti-Mary corner of Protestant-world to be comfortable saying all those Hail Mary’s in a regular Rosary, or
  2. Only have a short amount of time to spare.

Also, it happens to be a very good prayer.

To learn more about Saint Faustina Kowalska, and how to say a few names in Polish, you might try Saint Faustina Kowalska, Messenger of Mercy from Pauline Media.  I’ve read a pile of the saint books in that series, and have not been disappointed yet.*  Written for children, ideal for busy adults.

John Paul II, who will be canonized this very Divine Mercy Sunday, was the key man in getting all things Sr. Faustina & Divine Mercy put on the calendar.  So, double Divine Mercy this year.

*I take exception to the Kowalska sisters’ habit of taking turns attending Sunday Mass because they only had one presentable dress for multiple girls to share.  I think you should go to Mass every Sunday you can, no matter how dreadful your wardrobe.  But their family produced a saint and mine hasn’t, so what do I know?  In any case, the author doesn’t endorse this practice, she just tells it like it was.  Thus, good book if you’ve recently said, “I have nothing to wear!” but actually you do.

General update on me: I had a lovely Easter, thanks for asking.  Living the up-down life here, and hit a few days of down earlier in the week.  But overall, things are up-ish.  I’ll take it.

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